Asus Eee PC News, Review

Asus Eee PC Some information for Asus Eee PC owners and/or would-be owners:

Install gOS on EeePC in 10 Steps (CLUMPC)
If you are looking to install the Ubuntu Linux-based variant gOS on your Eee PC, CLUMP (Cheap Linux Ultramobile PCs) shows you how (you will need a USB optical drive).

Some new accessories for the Eee PC from Brando (via Engadget):
Car Charger Cable – $18 US
Travel Charger pack – $23 US
The fact that those are specifically for the Eee PC is a good sign of potentially more accessories to follow.

Finally, part two of an Asus Eee PC review from Notebook Review, where they reinforce the fact that you can’t beat the Eee PC for the size/value at this point in time: Back in October of 2007 we gave the Eee PC 4G the Editors Choice Award. Would we do the same today? Yes, without hesitation… other laptop on the market gives you this much computer in such a small package for such a low price … at least for now.

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