Three More MacBook Air Reviews

Apple MacBook Air Okay, three more MacBook Air reviews.

Notebook Review: Build quality is nothing short of amazing, and hands down one of the strongest notebooks I have ever felt. When closed the display cover does have some mild flex (give it a break, it’s thin), but the real strength is the palmrest and keyboard structure. Formed from a block of aluminum with the internal cavity CNC machined, it is super strong. No flex is present when mashing down on the palmrest, and picking it up with both hands to try to flex the body is futile. (They go on to say it’s even sturdier than a ThinkPad).

Arstechnica – Review of the Solid State Drive MacBook Air: No, it’s not necessarily worth the extra $1300 for the SSD option.

Finally, LAPTOP Magazine – they give it three out of five stars, but recommend possibly waiting until the next version of the MacBook Air comes along.

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