Some MacBook Air Bits (Migration, Touchpad)

Apple MacBook Air Yeah, yeah, more MacBook Air stuff.

First up: Tablet PC Review has a review of Apple’s latest ultraportable, complete with video of the MacBook Air’s multi-touch touchpad and how it compares to using a Tablet PC’s interface.

Next: Mac On Air does another tear-down of the MacBook Air, as well as compares it size-wise to a MacBook. They have this little bit of trivia that you may find interesting: there are 88 screws holding the MacBook Air together.

Finally: MacNN takes a look at what’s involved in migrating to a MacBook Air from another Mac. Among the tests – transferring an existing user account over the network from a PowerMac G5. It gets into transferring Library, Applications, and User Files and Folders, etc. (hint: have enough space on the MacBook Air).

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