Samsung P9 UMPC : Doesn’t Exist

Samsung Electronics You may or may not have heard the rumors and stories floating around about a new UMPC/laptop from Samsung, the so-called Samsung P9 UMPC. We heard and saw a story or two, but something seemed weird. James Kendrick has the goods – turns out it was a university project by Umang Dokey.

There were a lot of rumors floating around concerning the now-mythical P9.

Personally, I expect Samsung is working on something like this. HP, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, etc., all have similar devices already out or in the process of coming out, so I don’t see Samsung sitting idly by while a new market starts to shape up and expand. If you were a major PC maker, you’d almost be foolish not to be working on something in this category. That’s probably why the story took off – people wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung were to make such a device.