Asus Eee PC – Extreme Tests and Upgrades

Asus Eee PC If you are curious about how resilient an Asus Eee PC is, you might want to check out this video (, in French) of the Eee PC being torture-tested. The subnotebook is put through its paces.

On a more “WOW” type of a note, somebody has upgraded their Eee PC with a 1.2GHz Intel Pentium M 753. Yes, you read that correctly, an Intel Pentium M running at 1.2GHz. You can read about it here at Guryhwa’s blog. As JK points out, it’s not something that’s easily done, but given how many Eee PCs are winding up in the hands of people who like to do this kind of stuff (and given that the 7″ laptop is so dang cheap), it’s not surprising.

The Intel Pentium M 753 was chosen because it has a low TDP and it’s very cheap. Apparently there is some soldering work that’s required….

Source: jkOnTheRun