Review: ASUS U2E (PC Perspective)

Asus U2 U2E Following up their unboxing of the ASUS U2E, PC Perspective have now posted their review of the little LED-backlit 11.1″ laptop.

They mention that unlike last week’s unboxing where you saw a brown suede case that came with the U2E, in fact the final product shipping to consumers will have a black suede case. I have no idea if that would affect your purchase (given the kind of money we are talking about, I’d hope a carrying case was far down your list of requirements).

One very interesting point – they weighed it, and even with the 9-cell, yes 9-cell, it was still under four pounds.

The amazing thing was the battery life with the nine-cell – with light use, they got around eight and a half hours. With a continuously looping DVD playing, they got nearly five and a half hours!

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