HP 2133 Mini-Note, Dell Discussion

HP Compaq 2133 Mini-Note This week’s MobileTechRoundup features a discussion about the HP 2133 Mini-Note as well as Dell jumping into the low-cost subnotebook arena.

Also, James Kendrick is calling the 2133 the “perfect writer’s notebook” saying:

The keyboard is great for lots of typing with it’s near full size and the extended battery I’m using provides just the right amount of ergonomic tilt to the device for comfort. It is a real joy to have a “real” notebook this size that lets me get web research done at the same time I am writing an article. The Mini is multi-tasking well and it may be the perfect writer’s notebook for all of the reasons I have mentioned.

Speaking of the HP 2133 Mini-Note, WaterField Designs has announced a new SleeveCase for the Mini-Note.