Site Update: April 13, 2008

As you can tell, I’ve upgraded the site template.

It should load faster (especially on dial-up connections), it should be easier to read and navigate, and it should work and look much better in a variety of browsers and languages (through Google’s translation tools).

It’s going to make it easier for us to add a lot more content as well.

If you notice anything weird, please refresh your browser (clear the cache). If you still notice anything weird, please contact us or post them in the upgrade thread in the forums.

Issues I’m aware of:
– There are a few broken links that we are tracking down. This could take a week or two (we have around 1000 posts and around 350 pages – not a lot of content, but enough).
– Some laptop pages may look a little weird for a few days until we update them
Search may return full pages – I apologize, with the upgrade to the back-end of Small-Laptops that I did about a week ago, the code for the search was updated, and it returns search results slightly different. I’m going through the pages and updating them so that only a few lines from each page are returned.