Asus U2E Review (AnandTech)

Asus U2 U2E AnandTech has completed their review of the latest 11.1-inch offering from Asus, the Asus U2E.

The U2E became available earlier this year, and in addition to the 11.1-inch backlit-LED display, it features an Intel Core 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage (ULV), an ultra slim dual-layer DVD writer, integrated Intel X3100 graphics, and most interesting, a 1.8″ 4200rpm hard drive (Solid State Drive optional). 1.8-inch 4200rpm drives are normally found in really small devices (higher-capacity iPods, etc.).

All of that combined adds up to an ultraportable laptop packing an internal DVD writer and weighing in at around 2.75 pounds (with the 3-cell battery).

Anandtech considers it one of the best full-features ultraportable laptops around (and it’s one of the few in its class to offer a decent internal optical drive).

Review: Anandtech