Notes on HP 2133 Mini-Note, Fujitsu U810 Availability

HP Compaq 2133 Mini-Note The HP 2133 Mini-Note is showing availability dates of May 2, 2008 and beyond depending on models – looks like they may have sold through their initial release, which is good news for netbooks.

As far as the Fujitsu LifeBook U810 – Two of the major online retailers have shown price drops for several weeks now, and hints that it’s being cleared out. Some retailers have only one model still in stock (the high-end version for $949), while Amazon has both models in stock, however, they are listed as being sold by ClearanceClub, which usually sells overstocked items or end-of-cycle products.

Could this mean that Fujitsu has something new on the way? Given that Intel’s Atom will be available in a few months, it would make sense to wind down the U810 if they have something else lined up for later in the quarter.