Eee PC 901 – Unveiling, WiMAX, Eee PC 900 – 2GB Memory

Asus Eee PC 901 AVING is confirming that the Eee PC 901 (remember, they dropped the “Asus” bit) will be unveiled at Computex 2008 in Taiwan (right around two weeks from now). Hopefully Asustek and MSI won’t be the only ones showing off Intel Atom-powered netbooks.

DigiTimes is reporting that Asustek is dropping WiMAX from the Eee PC 901 because, in their words, they feel that the WiMAX market will not reach maturity in 2008. They will be adding it to some of their other ultraportable laptops (in the 12-inch range) as well as up to 15-inch range.

In Asus Eee PC 900 news, over at the LAPTOP Magazine blog, they’ve upped the memory on Xandros/Linux-powered Eee PC 900 from 1GB to 2GB (pictures included) and haven’t noticed too much of a difference.