Intel Atom Benchmarks vs Celeron M

Intel Atom PC Watch has obtained the desktop version of the MSI Wind PC.

They ran some benchmarks against it, including against the Intel Celeron M-powered 900MHz Asus Eee PC 900 as well as the 7-inch 630MHz Asus Eee PC.

Now while this may not seem like that valid of a comparison – for the most part it’s going to be pretty close, as the desktop specs are very similar to the eventual Wind PC ultraportable/ sub-notebook (It is a Diamondville-based system instead of a mobile Silverthorne).

In the overall PCMark05 Build 1.2.0 benchmarks, the Atom beat the 900MHz Celeron by around 30%, but in the CPU benchmarks, the Celeron M was around 20% better. Memory benchmarks saw the Atom do around 30% better.

I found it interesting, but battery life is what’s going to be most important to most of us – it was clear from the pictures of the desktop Wind PC that cooling requirements are much lower than we are used to and (and they’ll be even lower on the mobile version). If the Atom can offer a substantial difference in battery life over the Celeron M, then there might be quite a few Eee PC owners willing to sell their Celeron-based systems to upgrade to the Atom-based systems.

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