Michael Dell on Mini Inspiron

Dell Mini Inspiron Last week, Dell invited thirteen journalists from various Asian countries to Dell’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.

Among the things discussed, brief mentions were made towards the end of the gathering by Michael Dell concerning Dell’s Mini Inspiron. The Mini Inspiron is Dell’s 8.9-inch entry into the netbook market. I think from the comments made by Michael, and based on what we saw at Computex last week (as far as the introduction of new models from other companies as well as information coming out about Intel’s Atom), that Dell will push the Mini Inspiron quite a bit (hopefully it will be aggressively priced).

When asked what type products from Dell would serve the next billion people coming online, Michael made the point that these new users don’t think in terms of the type of the device they will use—instead, they think about connecting to the Internet. We’re focused on developing products in emerging countries like the Dell 500 laptop for China and India and beyond and the upcoming mini laptop. He also said that more products coming in the second half of the year.

When Michael was asked about the mobile phone space, he suggested that would be a better question for next year. Before then, Dell will focus on big growth opportunities like consumer and commercial laptop and desktop sales—both through retail and the channel. He also mentioned that there’s opportunity for a range of smaller devices between 9-inch ones like the upcoming mini notebook, and smaller ones.

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