MSI Expects to Ship 300,000 MSI Wind, Plus SSD Testing

MSI Wind PC Digitimes is reporting that Micro-Star International (MSI) expects ship 300,000 – 500,000 of its Atom-Powered MSI Wind netbooks this year. This is based on comments made by MSI’s Chairman, Joseph Hsu.

Like Asustek’s President, Hsu thinks that the shortage of Intel’s Atom CPUs will continue through September of this year (whether that affects overall shipments of MSI Wind notebooks or not remains to be seen).

Over at LAPTOP Magazine’s blog, Avram Piltch is doing speed tests of the MSI Wind, when it comes to Solid State Drives (SSD) versus regular mechanical/rotational drives (5400rpm). Avram replaced the MSI Wind’s 5400rpm higher-capacity drive with a 32GB SanDisk SATA 5000 (while not the fastest, it’s possibly more affordable and available to most users). They didn’t find any reason to go with the SSD at this point speed-wise, unless you are willing to spend quite a bit more money on the higher-end SSDs. While the SSD offers lower power consumption and protection against bumps/jarring, the SATA 5000 wasn’t noticeable in regards to a boost in performance.

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