MSI Wind U100 and Mac OS X

MSI Wind PC It was only a matter of time – somebody got a hacked-up version of Mac OS X to run on a new 10.2-inch MSI Wind U100.

The Intel Atom-powered Wind U100 isn’t even out in most markets, but it’s available for some, and a poster over in the forums has posted a thread (Spanish language) about their experiments with a hacked 10.5.2 running on a Wind U100.

While we neither condone nor condemn such attempts, we find it interesting enough to post, seeing that we really want something smaller than the 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air or MacBook that’s running OS X and that is officially produced by Apple.

It appears from the translation that they were able to get most things working, although they were having resolution/display problems as well as wireless connection problems. Wired ethernet and Bluetooth 2.0 worked “out of the box” as they say.

This was originally started a few weeks ago, but over the weekend some links to videos and more impressions popped up. Thanks to Tim for emailing us.

Translated with Google (English)
YouTube Video – Use
YouTube Video – Starting up