MSI Wind U100 vs Apple MacBook Air

MSI Wind PC Crave / CNET UK has put together an interesting photo comparison of the 10-inch Intel Atom-powered MSI Wind U100 versus the 13.3-inch Intel Core 2 Duo-powered Apple MacBook Air (or as they call it, “Battle of the breeze”, in reference to the “Wind” and “Air” names of each).

As they point out, it’s not exactly a fair comparison, since the MacBook air is a very high-end ultraportable while the MSI Wind us a very low-end, low-cost netbook (let’s face it, the Wind is four times cheaper than the MacBook Air).

Not fair at all, but you know what? It gets you thinking about when is Apple going to come out with something in an 11.1-inch or 10.2-inch form factor….after all, they are quite proud of the fact that Mac OS X scales all the way from an 8-core Mac Pro down to the iPhone.

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