Gigabyte M912V: Europe and Asia Only

Gigabyte M912 Netbook If you are located in the US or Canada and were looking forward to the Gigabyte M912V, you may have to go through an importer like Dynamism.

Why, you ask, would we need to import it?

In trying to obtain more information about the maximum memory, operating system options (i.e. whether or not anything approaching Tablet PC functionality would be included on the Windows side) as well as availability, we received an email from Gigabyte that contained the following information:

“I am sorry, but this product will not be released in the US/Canada Market. It will only be available in Asia and Europe.”

The email goes on to state that if we want additional information, we are to talk to a regional representative (namely Asia/Taiwan) through Gigabyte’s Technical Service Zone. received the same canned response, which leads me to believe that Gigabyte has fielded a number of requests about availability in North America.

Either they don’t realize the interest that those of us in North America have for such a device (high resolution 8.9″ touchscreen display, around $700, etc.)., or it’s going to be released in North America through a different company (i.e. rebadged). I’m leaning towards not realizing the interest.

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