Dell Latitude XT – Multitouch Downloads – Tuesday

Dell Latitude XT
Update #2: Final Details

Update: Link to the article: Austin-American Statesman
Tuesday, Dell will be making software available to add additional multitouch functionality to its Dell Latitude XT line.

I thought some of these were already available, but apparently not. The Austin-American Statesman, in the heart of Dell’s stomping grounds is reporting that four new gestures are being added through a software download for Dell’s 12.1-inch tablet.

They will work with Microsoft Office, Firefox (the browser), and Google Earth.

A pinching motion will shrink contents on the display (basically zoom in), while pushing your fingers apart will expand the contents or zoom out (similar to what you see in the iPhone). There’s also going to be a gesture added that is defined by the user and can be used to open an application or perform certain tasks (perhaps change power settings).

The Statesman mentions that the capacitive touchscreen display for the convertible laptop was developed in Austin by N-trig, a company based out of Israel. N-trig mentions in the article that they plan on scaling up and adding more gestures in the future.

Ironically enough, the article is not online yet. I’ll post a link once it is, as well as an update when the software is available.