Dual-Core Intel Atom in September?

Intel Atom If Fudzilla is right, a dual-core Intel Atom CPU could be introduced as soon as the end of September. An introduction date of September 21, 2008, is cited.

The Atom is in quite a few popular netbooks / sub-notebooks, such as the Acer Aspire One, Asus Eee PC 901, and MSI Wind U100.

The model number listed is the Intel Atom 330. The current single-core Atom sells for $29 while they mention that the dual-core wills ell for $43.

As they point out, it probably won’t be seen until the fourth quarter – Intel is just now catching up on the demand for single-core Atoms (and there is some debate over that, but you can at least find Atom-based netbooks at the major retailers, in stock for the most part).

– Intel Atom 330
– 1.6GHz
– 533MHz Front Side Bus
– 1MB L2 (2x 512KB – i.e. 512KB per core)
– Pin comatible with single-core (BGA 437)

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