Asus Eee PC Accessories

Asus Eee PC 901 LAPTOP Magazine is running a little article on information from about Asus-branded accessories possibly coming out for their Eee PC series lineup (the Eee PC 901, etc.).

It would appear that Asus is definitely cashing in on the whole netbook phenomenon (and they certainly deserve to, given their contribution), but they do run the risk of diluting the brand a bit – look at the just announced Eee PC 1000HD for instance – it’s basically a Celeron version of the Eee PC 1000H. Oh well, enough complaining / contemplating.

This is about accessories.

Looks like they are after three accessories:
– External USB Drive (Eee Drive)
– External Eee PC optical drive (Eee Writer)
– 3G connection card called the T500 that appears to fit directly in a USB port (it runs parallel to the side, with connections/notches for the USB slots.

– via LAPTOP Magazine Blog