Asus Eee PC Roadmap

Wow. I’ve mentioned that at times I really wonder if Asus is diluting its Eee PC lineup and confusing customers at the same time with a lot of different options (three different display sizes, multiple storage sizes, multiple CPUs from different generations, etc.).

The Eee PC lineup is about to get even more crowded in the future. We are talking 23 different models (and oddly enough, the Eee PC 901 series is missing, but other existing series are listed).

The one I’m interested in is the T101, because it has a “T” in front of its model, and because it’s listed in the group that features “Fancy Touch” and “Insurance Sales” and “House Agent”. Tablet PCs are definitely popular among some in the real estate and insurance industry where a lot of forms are handled. With 8.9″ ultraportable convertibles like the Gigabyte M912V generating a lot of interest in North America, but not being sold in North America, there is definitely a spot to be filled by another convertible netbook.

Here’s the lineup, both current and future:

Ultimate series:
Description: “Exquisite / Extreme Slim & Light”
Target Audience: “Elite, Travel explorer, Free ??”
– S101
– S91

PRO Fashion:
Description: “Precise, Mature, Fancy Touch”
Target Audience: “Insurance Sales”, ??, “House Agent”
– 1000HV
– 1002SA
– 1002HA
– T101 (Eee PC T91 Touch is the 8.9″ Version)

Smart Casual:
Description: “Young, vivide, eye catching”
Target Audience: “2nd PC, Kids, Student, Traveler”
7″: 700, 701, 701SD (30G HDD), 701SD, 701SD-4G
9″: 900, 901, 900A-16G, 900A-8G, 900-16G, 900-30G
9″: 904HD, 904HA, 900HD
10″: 1000, 1000HD, 1000H

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