Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Compared to ThinkPad X61

Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Earlier this week, we showed you several photos of the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad X200.

CNET / Crave have their hands on a ThinkPad X200 and have posted a brief comparison of the 12.1-inch X200 with its predecessor, the ThinkPad X61s as well as the 13.3-inch Thinkpad X300 (some the X300’s design and technology made its way into the X200).

It’s clearly smaller than the X300 (obviously), but you can see the full-size keyboard on the X200 when compared with the X300 (it’s the same full-size keyboard found on the 14″ and 15″ T61 series). With the previous X60 / X61s, there was a smaller keyboard, with some keys being reduced by half. This was due to the previous X series having a squareish / standard aspect display. The X200 has a widescreen display, and as a result is slightly wider, wide enough to accommodate a full-size keyboard.

Read: CNET / Crave