Acer Aspire Ones – Available at Circuit City

Acer Aspire One It was a bit of a surprise to be told by a relative tonight that they saw an actual Acer Aspire One available at their local Circuit City earlier today (Circuit City is an electronics retailer here in the US).

This makes it one of the first widely available netbooks at mainstream electronics retailers here in the US outside of Best Buy who carries another 8.9″ netbook, the Asus Eee PC 900. Some Fry’s stores carry a mix, but I’ve not seen anything outside of Fujitsu U810s.

You can check local availability at the Circuit City Acer Aspire One page

The specifications and model available:
– Model AOA110-1722
– Saphire Blue
– 8GB NAND flash memory SSD
– Intel Atom N270 (obviously)
– Linpus Linux