Dell XPS M1330 to get 128GB SSD Option

Dell XPS M1330 Amidst all the hoopla over the new Dell Latitude E-series business line, a nice upgrade / option was added to the consumer-oriented 13.3-inch Dell XPS M1330 (an option available to the Latitude E-Series).

It’s a 128GB Samsung FlashSSD Solid State Drive and it’s listed as “Ultra Performance”. It’ll set you back $450-$500 (depending on what model of M1330 you select), but that’s not bad at all, given the same drive would have been two-three times that just six months ago.

The current Dell XPS M1330 laptops are currently starting at $899, and you can get an M1330 with a 128GB SSD for as low as $1400 USD (see the Dell XPS Laptops page at for details).