MacBook Air Revision Soon?

Apple MacBook Air Could a revision of the 13.3-inch MacBook Air be just around the corner? seems to think so. They are reporting that for the most part, the MacBook Air will still look the same. The internal components will change quite a bit from what we saw in the MacBook Air that was first released back in January of this year. A custom platform and CPU was being used in able to keep cooling and power requirements low. PN believes that they will move to a standard-sized Penryn Core 2 Duo, which could reduce the cost, while increasing the speed.

They also believe that the SSD prices will remain the same, but that the hard drive version will be upgraded to 120GB and 160GB, thanks to the prices on 1.8″ HDDs dropping.

Engagdet points out that there are some new 22mm CPUs from Intel that coming out within that time frame. They happen to be low-voltage and ultra low voltage (ULV) as well.

I would give them some credit – they definitely aren’t some fly-by-night site, and an upgraded CPU and storage does make sense. The biggest criticism of the MBA has been the CPU (well next to only one USB port, but that’s a debate that could go either way) and how under-powered some felt it was. The new Core 2 Duos coming out later this year could reduce the cooling requirements enough to be a legitimate upgrade.