Sharp Willcom D4 – Gallery, Walk-Through (Akihabara)

Sharp Willcom D4 Akihabara News has put together a large gallery and a video walk-through of the Willcom D4 running Microsoft Windows Vista (in English).

The Willcom D4 has a 5″ high-resolution LED-backlit touchscreen display (1024×600 is high-resolution for something that small) and is powered by an Intel Atom CPU. This means that technically it is the smallest Intel Atom-powered device running Windows Vista (or XP if it was loaded) that you can find. They’ve managed to pack a 40GB HDD into it as well, and yet it still weighs around one pound (0.45kg).

They’ve included a 720p HDTV-formatted HD video (WMV) of the Willcom D4 as well.

A few days ago, pocketables published a review of the ultraportable device. They’ve included benchmarks (including Windows Vista’s internal Experience benchmarks) as well as photos of the D4 in its various configurations (pseudo-laptop, tablet, etc.). They’ve also included photos of the extended battery.

Akihabara News