Lenovo IdeaPad Lite S9 – More Details

Lenovo IdeaPad Lite S9 Looks like Lenovo has an upcoming promotional event going on for the 8.9″ Lenovo IdeaPad Lite S9, at least in Hong Kong (and yes, it looks like they have adapted the “Lite” moniker to differentiate from the 10.2″ Lenovo IdeaPad S10).

They are even going to have a special promotional price of around $260 USD (HK$ 1933) if you meet certain conditions (normal price listed is HK$ 2899 ($370 USD)

The flash promo mentions “Multi-Touch” prominently.

Some of the specifications mentioned about this ultraportable sub-laptop / netbook:
– 4GB Solid State Drive (SSD) (8GB mentioned elsewhere)
– Linux OS
– 3-cell battery

I’m guessing there will be more expensive models that have 8GB SSD (and bigger) along with Windows and 6-cell batteries, and that this is a special promotional model.

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via UMPCFever