Dell Inspiron 910 – More Pics, Linux Information

Dell Inspiron 910 Some interesting information coming out about the Dell Inspiron 910 (aka the Mini Inspiron).

First up, Eee PC News has some photos of what appears to be the Inspiron 910. Of note – you can see that Dell did indeed remove the row of function keys (F1, F2, etc.) and merged them with the top numeric row. The strange thing is, Dell didn’t appear to take advantage of the space that this should have given them. It looks like wasted space above the keyboard, with a small touchpad below.

Arstechnica discusses how Dell loading Ubuntu 8.04 as their Linux distribution of choice (possibly the Ubuntu Netbook Remix compilation) could help them unseat the popular Asus Eee PCs as the best Linux-based netbook. Ubuntu Linux is very popular among Linux users, and this will definitely play to Dell’s advantage.