Intel Reveals Dual-Core Atom 330

Intel Atom Intel has officially revealed information about the first of the dual-core Atoms, the Atom 330. The version mentioned is the desktop version (N330), but much of it applies to the netbook market since the chipsets, specs, etc., are so similar.

Specifications (that should be in netbooks)
– Still a 533MHz FSB
– HyperThreading still present (may look like four cores, but really two cores)
– Desktop version based on 945GC Express chipset
– GMA 950 integrated graphics
– 2GB (Maximum) of 533MHz or 667MHz DDR2 Memory

They’ve released a fact sheet about the desktop / nettop version as well.

Intel’s executive VP and general manager of their mobile platforms group, Dadi Perlmutter, mentioned some very interesting thinks during a presentation. Perlmutter showed off several CPUs, including ultra low voltage (ULV) as well as a Core 2 Solo and another Celeron. They measure 22x22mm compared to the 35x35mm that their predecessors measured – this could mean even smaller netbooks (depending on cooling and/or battery life).

It was implied that by 2012, that Intel Atoms could account for up to 33% of Intel’s mobile shipments. Not surprising given how cheap they are – if a lot of people are buying these things as second systems, it makes sense that Intel would be selling a lot.

The desktop version is due out next month – as far as Atom 330s appearing in netbooks…I would be surprised if it was before the end of this year, given that single-core Atoms netbooks are still selling extremely well, but some companies may want to have “high-end” netbooks (I know, it goes against the market netbooks were originally targeted towards).

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