MSI Wind U91 and U120 – A Few Details

MSI Wind U90 Impress spoke with MSI Notebook Product Manager Neo Lin about the future sequel to the 8.9″ MSI Wind U90 as well as a derivative of the 10.2″ MSI Wind U100 netbooks.

They are being dubbed the U91 and the U120. The U91 is more of a pure sequel / update to the U90 while it appears the 10″ U120 is a new model in the Wind series.

Mobile broadband options will be available for both, while memory limitations (not actual limitations but limitations by Microsoft concerning Windows XP and netbooks) were discussed.

An interesting bit of info came up – MSI considered VIA’s new Nano CPUs at one point, and they are still looking at the dual-core Intel Atom 330 for the U120 which is a nettop / desktop CPU in the Atom lineup. Their problem with the 330 is that it impacts battery life quite a bit. The 330 is still low-power, but not nearly as much as the single-core netbook-based version. Unfortunately it looks like 2009 at the earlier for any dual-core netbooks, at least from MSI (although it still looks like they are considering it).

Here’s some trivia from the interview as well: Wind stands for “Wifi Network Device”

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