MacBook Changes in October?

Apple MacBook Air Earlier this month, there were reports that the 13.3″ Apple MacBooks would be updated sometime this year (aluminum body, styling more in line with other aluminum Macs, etc.).

Now AppleInsider (and earlier this month Daring Fireball) are reporting that sometime next month, Apple maybe holding a media event to reveal the upgraded MacBook line. DF is saying that it will be Tuesday, October the 14th.

This is further reinforced by new SKUs (Stock Keeping Units – think serial numbers for products) showing up in a couple of stores, according to MacRumors.

The timing would be right – plenty of time before the holidays, and the next window would be later in the spring in 2009. Macworld in January is usually reserved for “Pro” announcements (MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, etc.) and wouldn’t be a normal venue for such announcements.

Daring Fireball