Asus Eee PC S101 Review (Mobile Computer)

Asus Eee PC S101 Somehow Mobile Computer managed to get their hands on the new high-end 10.2″ Asus Eee PC S101 that was just formally introduced.

The focus of the S101 is design – it’s there to pull in people who weren’t too enthused by previous offerings from Asustek, but who were interested in the netbook concept. The review model is “Mocha Brown”, with future models coming in “Champagne” and “Graphite”

It is powered by an Intel Atom. It’s got the same keyboard as the cheaper Asus Eee PC 1000 and the US version had the single-height Enter key. It still has a 1024×600 resolution – as Mobile Computer points out, this is slightly disappointing given the target audience.

They were able to get around five hours of battery life with just light use (almost four hours with heavy).

notebook italia has also posted several images from the press key for the S101.

Mobile Computer
Press ohotos at Notebook Italia