Lenovo S10 and Communities

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Over at Lenovo Connections (a collection of Lenovo-oriented blogs, with some oriented towards Lenovo ThinkPads), Mark Hopkins is discussing everything going on around the Lenovo S10 netbook with user communities and modifications, and how it reminds him of the early days of personal computers. They were not expecting the user communities and interest in the S10 to grow so fast:

I am surprised, and quite impressed with the unanticipated level of interest and uptake on the new IdeaPad S10 products. Less than a handful had shipped, when a devoted fan built out his own discussion forum dedicated to the IdeaPad S10. Now shipment volumes are ramping and reviews are starting to appear. Already, YouTube videos abound, and this one I found exemplary – a quick guide to some potential upgrades and user customization. Others have already installed SSD media and shared their findings in the performance boost and extended battery life benefits.

He’s also asking people to list other sites that discuss modifications and upgrades that people are making to their S10s. Lenovo did a good job of making much of the S10 user accessible (although they are careful to note that some of what people are doing can invalidate the warranty). It’s cool that Lenovo is supporting this (and let’s face it, it’s good marketing for them) and officially recognizing the contributions being made by end-users.

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