Asustek: Dual-Core Intel Atoms, Touchscreens

Asus Eee PC 4G Back in January of this year, there were rumors that Asustek would be adding a touch panel Asus Eee PC to the next-generation Eee PC lineup. A few weeks after that, Asustek said no. Since then, there have been many do-it-yourself touchscreen mods made to various netbooks including Eee PCs, along with the launch of touchscreen netbooks such as the Gigabyte M912.

Now it looks as though Asustek will be officially adding touch panels to the Eee PC lineup in the first quarter of 2009. Samson Hu, who is the general manager of the Eee PC division at Asustek has confirmed it. They have not determined which models will receive the touchscreen treatment, but details should be available in time for CES 2009.

Hu mentioned that Asustek would add dual-core Atom CPUs to their Eee PC lineup as well, when they become available. Asustek’s President also said they would be releasing an Eee PC in the $300 USD range sometime next year (so the market is starting to drive prices down).

Read: DigiTimes