New Apple MacBook – Disassembly, Review (PC Mag)

Apple Redesigned MacBook 2008 It’s now a given – as soon as a new laptop that’s been hyped up quite a bit is released, that somebody will get one and then take it apart. The new 13.3″ Apple MacBook is no exception.

KODAWARISAN quickly unboxed their new aluminum MacBook (or Macbook (Late 2008) as it’s called) and took it apart. You can clearly see the new design for easy access to the battery and hard drive. They’ve also got a good photo of the new NVIDIA GPU alongside the Intel Core 2 Duo CPU.

Meanwhile, PC Magazine wasted no time in getting their review up. They gave it a 3.5 out of 5, mentioning the design and easy access to the hard drive among other things (it’s a big deal as far as access – in the past, it was not easy to access the drives in the “pro” models). They included some benchmarks against other 13.3″ laptops as well. They did confuse the point of Apple upgrading to DisplayPort and dropping the FireWire port – the two are not related, and I’m kind of surprised they would confuse those two technologies.