MacBooks – Fully Taken Apart (and Games)

Apple Redesigned MacBook 2008 ifixit, a popular site in the Mac community that features in-depth looks at taken apart various Macs made by Apple has now posted a couple of articles about taking apart the new 13.3″ MacBook (Late 2008) (as well as the new MacBook Pros). It should be noted that ifixit also provides extensive guides on upgrading various Mac products.

Among their findings and measurements – it’s about 25% thicker than the 13.3″ Apple MacBook Air at the thickest part of the MacBook Air.

Now compared against the previous generation of MacBooks, it’s quite bit thinner – 12% thinner and half a pound lighter.

Over at Obsessable Technology News, they’ve taken a different tack in looking at the new MacBooks – they’ve setup a Boot Camp partition with Windows XP Pro on a 2.4GHz MacBook with 2GB RAM, and then installed Warhammer Online (a graphically intensive MMORPG that was just released). They were able to get solid performance with the integrated NVIDIA graphics chipset.

ifixit – MacBook
ifixit – MacBook Pro
Obsessable Technology News