NEC LaVie Light Announced

NEC LaVie Light The Intel Atom-powered 8.9″ NEC LaVie Light netbook has been announced. So far it’s being listed as only available in Asia / Japan. This may change over time of course. It’s being positioned in a slightly more expensive area than most netbooks, at around $650 USD, but the design is definitely nice.

The documentation claims a maximum of 1GB of memory, with 0 slots free. Whether you can insert a 2GB DIMM in there, or it’s soldered directly to the systemboard is unknown at this time.

Specifications include:
– Intel Atom 1.6GHz CPU
– Windows XP Home
– 160GB HDD
– Has some durability enhancements in case of falls

Read: (translated – Japan) (translated – Japan)
– Thanks to Tim for emailing us.