ASUS Eee PC S101 Review (LAPTOP Mag)

Asus S101 Yesterday, LAPTOP Magazine published their form review of the high-end 10.2″ Asus Eee PC S101 netbook. High-end as in $699, ultrathin (for a netbook), with a better looking display, a larger touchpad, and multi-touch (an ElanTech touchpad).

Speaking of the touchpad, it’s quite a bit fancier than most netbook touchpads: It supports the typical pinch-and-zoom functions in pictures and Web pages, but it can also recognize other gestures, including two-finger scrolling and three-finger swipes, which can be programmed to launch specific applications. You can also magnify certain parts of the screen by holding a finger on one part of the pad and double-tapping another; this creates a small magnifying glass that you can pan around the screen.

Joanna Stern said it’s the lightest and thinnest netbook they’ve reviewed at LAPTOP Magazine. They consider it the most stylish, but it’s somewhat lacking in storage (16GB SSD for the Windows XP Home version) and you can only have a 3-cell battery in it.

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