VIA Nano Roadmap and Netbooks

VIA Nano Logo VIA has rolled out its roadmap for the future of its Nano CPUs last week, according to Eee PC News. There was a show in Japan (Embedded Technology 2008) that showcased low-powered devices.

For netbooks, don’t hold your breath for dual-core Nanos anytime soon. VIA is looking at an estimated date sometime in the middle of 2010. This gives Intel plenty of time (and breathing space) for rolling out their dual-core Atoms.

There is some news concerning the immediate future – there will be a Nano released in the first half of 2009, the “Nano-E”. This E series will have a faster front side bus (FSB), going up to 1,333MHz, and it will be 65nm. The Nano-E will be backwards compatible to existing systemboards that can take current Nano CPUs. There will be 64-bit versions available, with hardware virtualization of some sort (select models).