Samsung NC10s – Too Popular?

Samsung NC10 It seems like the Samsung NC10 maybe the hot new netbook to have these days, similar to the MSI Wind U100 when it originally rolled out, along with the early Asus Eee PCs. Samsung says it may not be able to meet all of the demand for the NC10 through the holiday season.

According to, Samsung’s IT director said “We are increasing facility capacity as fast as we can, we thought the netbook would be big but not as big as it’s been.”

A quick check of (US) and Amazon UK, along with some other online retailers (, etc.) show that the NC10 is in stock in a lot of places, but there are retailers that are selling through their stock, and the NC10 is on the best seller lists for Amazon and others. From what it looks like, and talking to a few other people, at the very least, NC10s aren’t sitting around in warehouses for very long.

For would-be NC10 buyers, it could be a problem in the coming weeks. For Samsung, it’s a good problem to have.

via Liliputing