John Scalzi on Netbooks (Acer Aspire One)

Netbook John Scalzi, a prolific writer, both online and off, and author of several well-received science fiction novels (including some that have garnered Hugo Award nominations), has posted a couple of articles on his Whatever blog (online since 1998) about netbooks, specifically about the Acer Aspire One.

He’s got a more interesting take on netbooks than some, seeing as how writing is so important to him. Being more tech-savvy than most, he’s also acknowledged that netbooks have their place: Overall it does well for the things I want it for, i.e., a light and small computer for travel and net access. I don’t think a netbook is a replacement for a more capable computer, unless you have tiny hands and only browse the Internet and answer e-mail. But for something to use in a hotel room or an airport, it’s gold.

Unlike some, he hasn’t had the problems with the trackpad button placement: I don’t find the side buttons to be too much of a problem, personally, especially since you can in fact use the pad itself to left-click.

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