HP Mini 2140 Review (LAPTOP Mag)

HP Mini 2140 The new 10.1″ HP Mini 2140 has already been reviewed by LAPTOP Magazine, and they were impressed, giving it their Editor’s Choice Award.

The Mini 2140 is geared towards professionals, while the HP Mini 1000 is geared towards consumers. This is a very important point to make – HP considers this market important enough to offer differing models geared towards different customers, unlike Lenovo or Dell.

They mention a “Fast Charge” technology, that wasn’t too prominently mentioned elsewhere. “Fast Charge” allows for the battery to be charged up to 90% within 90 minutes (if the 2140 is powered off and charging only). They also got over 7 hours out of the 6-cell battery they tested with.

They weren’t too impressed with the touchpad buttons being on the sides (similar to the Acer Aspire One), but I think it was done out of necessity on HP’s part, given the 16:9 ratio of the display. Doing so left room for the 92% full-size keyboard (which they liked). Making room for buttons below the touchpad would have reduced the size of the keyboard.

It’s definitely sturdy – this was interesting: HP claims this build can endure the closing and opening of the lid ten times a day for six years (or 25,000 cycles).

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