Macworld 2009 – Apple Keynote

The keynote finished an hour or two ago, and quite a few of the predicted updates/product releases failed to materialize.

What didn’t come out:
– New iPhone
– New Mac minis and iMacs
– New displays
– Tablets/ultraportables (no surprise)

What actually came out:
– New iWork ’09
– New iLife ’09
– New 17″ MacBook Pro
– Some changes in how music is handled through iTunes Music Store.

The new iPhoto in iLife ’09 makes extensive use of geotagging and mapping locations. There’s a serious appeal there to quite a few people.

Some are upset about the 17″ MacBook Pro going to an internal battery (one you can’t easily replace), similar to the 13″ MacBook Air.

Apple, however, claims that with the new style of batteries they are using, they can get a 1000 charge cycles out of it, and that you can get up to 8 hours of battery life (maybe 5-6 real world in my view). By making them internal and non user-replaceable, they were able to increase the size of the battery quite a bit. They also claim they last a few times longer than the industry standards (as far as when they need to be replaced). I wouldn’t want to lug something that big around, but I do hope that other companies look into that technology.