MSI X-Slim X320 Announced

MSI X-Slim X320 The MSI X-Slim Series X320.

Where does it fit in?

Is it a notebook? Yes, albeit underpowered with the Atom, given the size.

Is it a netbook? It’s got a 13.4″ display….but it also has an Intel Atom CPU.

While MSI refers to their new U110, U115, and U120 as netbooks, they are calling the X320 a “super portable notebook”.

One thing is for certain, it’s different.

This appears to be the Wind U300 that we heard about back in December of last year. MSI claimed it would be thin and light and that people would be shocked, and they weren’t kidding. It’s 0.2″ / 5.08mm thick

We have few details, but we do know this:
– 13.4″ 16:9 Display (1366×768)
– Intel Atom (1.6GHz)
– 0.2″ / 5.08mm thick
– 4-cell or 8-cell battery
– Colors: Champagne gold, pearl white, stylish black

With the 8-cell battery, MSI is claiming up to 10 hours of battery life. If they are using the new Intel Menlow/Poulsbo platform that’s present in the U110 and U115, I can believe at least a good 6-7 hours of normal use.

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