Apple Updates Plastic (White) MacBooks

NVIDIA Apple has kept what amounts to two lines of 13.3″ MacBooks available for purchase – one, the new aluminum-clad MacBook (October 2008) that amounts to a budget version of the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

The other is based on the last of the “plastic” MacBooks, the February 2008 release of the MacBook (and when I say “plastic”, I’m referring to polycarbonate). Presumably it’s been kept around for pricing (it’s cheaper than the latest MacBooks) as well as its FireWire ports. It was lacking in a few areas (graphics and memory) compared to the October 2008 models.

That’s now changed – Apple has quietly rolled out an update to the White MacBook, bringing it more in line with the aluminum October 2008 model.

– NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics
– 2GHz Core 2 Duo
– 2GB RAM Minimum (4GB Max)
– 1066MHz Front Side Bus

Previously the FSB was 800MHz and the graphics were based on Intel’s X3100 GMA. Apple has been working a lot closer with NVIDIA as of late, and this could even be a cost-cutting measure. It’s still starting at $999.

I do wonder if people will be able to upgrade them to 6GB of RAM like some have done with the aluminum MacBooks

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