HP Mini 2140 Video Review (jkOnTheRun)

HP Mini 2140 James Kendrick over at jkOnTheRun has posted a video review of the new 10.1″ Intel Atom-based HP Mini 2140. Keep in mind that the HP Mini 2140 has a different styling and set of features (as well as a different market) over the HP Mini 1000.

He’s had it for a few days and is becoming more and more impressed with it. He considers it to be one of the smallest 10″ netbooks around, and it still squeezes in an ExpressCard (34) slot. Part of how it does that is the touchpad and mouse buttons – they were shifted off to the sides (similar to the 8.9″ Acer Aspire One). Ironic, considering that Acer moved the buttons to the sides with the 10″ Aspire One. It does have a physical button to turn off the touchpad if you switch to an external mouse. It still maintains a 92% full-size keyboard.

One interesting thing about the 2140, at least the model reviewed, shipped with two batteries. A 6-cell battery that JK was able to get around 7 hours out of, and a 3-cell that allowed for around 3 hours. The model reviewed is $499.99

There will also be a high resolution model (1366×780) shipping in April or beyond, according to James.

You can get a good idea of the video performance – James viewed Hulu.com content in both windowed and full-screen (along with YouTube).

View: jkOnTheRun