HP Mini 1000 (1110NR) Review (NotebookReview.com)

HP Mini 1000 lewdvig, a NotebookReview.com contributor, has put together a comprehensive review of the Intel Atom-powered 8.9″ HP Mini 1110NR. It’s runing Hewlett-Packard’s HP Mobile Internet UI, which is based on Ubuntu Linux (and apparently Gnome), and has an 8GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for storage.

Specifications of the reviewed 1110NR:
– Operating System: HP Mobile Internet UI
– MSRP: $379 USD, $449 CDN

Just from the packaging photos, you can see HP is putting a lot into these. They mention that there is a recovery partition including on the SSD, so no recovery media for now (although it’s coming, according to HP). Since this is the same chassis as the 10.2″ models, you can see the bezel running around the display to cover the extra real-estate. There’s a photo included of the memory compartment, where you can upgrade to 2GB instead of the included 1GB of RAM.

The user was very impressed with the HP Home Screen that’s a part of the Mobile Internet Experience, as far as launching applications, etc. It does only leave you with around 2GB of free space on the 8GB SSD, but that’s still quite a bit to work with. They also took a look at MediaStyle, which handles various types of media you might use (video, photos, audio). HP looks like they are figuring out how to sell people on the use of Linux, based on the comments.

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