Amazon Kindle 2 Announcement Today

Amazon Kindle 2 The sequel to Amazon’s Kindle e-Book reader is due to be announced today, if all of the rumors and speculation (and press invites) are true. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that in addition to the new version of the Kindle, Amazon will be announcing that they have an exclusive (at least for now) deal with a new work from Stephen King, which happens to feature a Kindle-like device.

Last month, AllThingsD had came out with the information that Amazon would be holding an “important” press conference at the Morgan Library in New York City today at 10 a.m. (EST). They mention that the last time Amazon held a press conference in New York City, it was to announce the first version of the popular e-Book reader.

A few days ago, several photos/publicity stills of the Kindle 2 leaked out in the forums, along with a potential price ($359 USD) and release date (February 24, 2009). Back in October, Boy Genius Report had photos of what they claimed were the Kindle 2 (and which matched up to the publicity stills posted a few days ago at and mentioned that it was slightly larger, but thinner, to address some of the criticisms of the first.

Not exactly laptop-related, but quite a few fans of ultraportables are also fans of e-book readers.

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