Acer Aspire One With a Touchscreen

Netbook We’ve seen Samsung NC10s with touchscreens so why not see one of the original 8.9″ Acer Aspire Ones with a touchscreen. This is using a kit that is similar to the previously mentioned Samsung NC10 kit – it’s from Hoda Technology, and it’s sold through fidohub, and like the NC10 kit (as well as the MSI Wind U100, Inspiron Mini 9, and Eee PC touchscreen kits), it’s also available for $96 plus shipping and handling.

As SlashGear mentions, it’s basically a plug-and-play kit – no soldering, no cutting or splicing of cables. You just have to be willing to take your Aspire One apart.

Besides the fact that you are voiding your warranty, they mention a 15% reduction in brightness due to the touchscreen. You do get an additional three internal USB connections from the new controller. Included with the kit is a stylus (Pen-One) and they manufacturer claims it’s compatible with Linux and Mac OS X as well as Windows (and Windows 7 has increased touchscreen capabilities).

This is a resistive touchscreen – it requires pressure from a finger or stylus.

This is probably one of the best touchscreen tutorials for the Acer Aspire One (if not the best), as they walk you through the entire process from start-to-finish, with photos of all of the steps. Given the relatively low cost, it’d be great if Acer (and MSI and some of the others) would roll out touschreen/Tablet PC convertible netbooks, similar to the upcoming Asus Eee PC T91 Touch.

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via SlashGear