NVIDIA to Intel on the Ion: Where’s Your HD Now?

NVIDIA Recently, there’s been some heated rhetoric from Intel over the upcoming NVIDIA Ion platform. Intel made a lot of arguments (and the NetbookNews.it covers the Intel slides) against using the NVIDIA Ion platform, ranging from the age of the chipset to costs and performance.

NVIDIA has responded in kind, although it’s a more positive response – they are playing up their benefits and making it clear that these are

Some of NVIDIA’s points/rebuttals:
Validation: Ion has been validated by OEMs and Microsoft, and products are now shipping
Value: Endorsed by Microsoft, many developers, and the tech media
Advantages: Ion is faster and offers a faster, more feature rich, better experience vs. Intel netbooks, nettops, and notebooks
Performance vs battery life: 10X performance at similar battery life

On the issue of Intel saying that the window of opportunity for the Ion platform is short, NVIDIA responds:

Next gen Atom (Pineview) forces customers to use Intel graphics (with minor improvements). Coming Q4’09: Second-generation ION expands CPU support, performance, and features.

NVIDIA makes it clear that they feel that Atom/Pineview will not offer the performance people are going to be wanting, while at the same time, NVIDIA will be rolling out a second-generation Ion platform in that time period.

As we get more and more into HD-formatted content (TV/movies), and we move beyond “netbooks” as a simple way to access the internet, and we see more and more netbooks/ultraportables with HD-capable displays (such as future models of Dell’s Inspiron Mini 10), HD-capable chipsets/graphics will become important.

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